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  • Invoices are made out upon job completion or completion of a portion of the job if total invoice is expected to exceed CZK 25,000.
  • A cumulative invoice can be issued at the end of a regular billing period, typically a month, as a total of jobs over such a period.
  • If an invoice's potential value at the end of the billing period is below CZK 500, invoicing is postponed until this value has increased with other jobs or until the end of the fiscal period, normally a calendar year, to make out a balance invoice.
  • Invoice is sent by e-mail in a digitally signed pdf file.
Payment Dates
  • Payment is considered made on the date of my bank account being credited with the amount due.
  • Payment of invoice is due within 3 weeks from date of issue for single jobs or split payments.
  • Payment of invoice is due within 2 weeks from date of issue for end-of-billing-period cumulative invoices.
Other Terms
  • The amounts invoiced are net values to be credited in my favour. Any payment costs are borne by the customer.
  • Methods of payment other than electronic transfer of funds to my bank account are to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Invoices are in Czech currency unless agreed otherwise on a case-by-case basis.
  • Each item on an invoice is rounded to the nearest whole currency unit.
  • CZK, "ceska koruna", is the Czech Republic's monetary unit; check out the current exchange rate at the Czech Republic's Central Bank's website. All payments to my bank account will be converted to the Czech Republic's currency with the costs of such conversion to be borne by the client.
  • Bitcoins accepted
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