Czech translator Cesky
price list for translations Principal Rates
  • sentence-structured text CZK 1.00 to 3.00 a word
  • creative writing: CZK 3.00 a word.
  • non-sentence-structured items, such as glossaries: CZK 2 to 4 a word.
  • syntactic proofreading: CZK 0.40 to 1 a word
  • semantic postediting: CZK 0.50 to 2 a word
  • audio transcription: CZK 0.50 to 2 a word.
  • hourly rate CZK 650
The actual price is mainly affected by:
  • difficulty level (technicality, intelligibility...
  • deadline
  • document processing (input and output formats)
  • job volume and business relation
Other Terms:
  • Source word count is applied if technically feasible. Otherwise target word count is used.
  • For more information, such as on discounts, see payment conditions.
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